quality policy

In accordance with what is documented in the Quality Manual, Calzolari S.r.l. declares that the objectives and general guidelines relating to the quality policy pursued are:

  • Develop, produce, and supply products that comply with the needs and requests of customers, in compliance with the rules, laws and regulations in force;
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the activities and the production process, through the involvement and professional growth of  the staff, to the benefit of the Company and its context and the Customers served;
  • Consolidate the image, in compliance with corporate ethics, of seriousness and competence achieved in the sector and over the years.


In line with the quality policy defined above, Calzolari s.r.l. pursues a series of specific objectives that are defined from year to year during the management review and monitored during the year also for the purpose of strategic planning and the quality plan.


The objectives specified are pursued methodically and consistently, with the awareness that the Policy of continuous improvement requires the following commitment on the part of the Management:

  • Improve the culture of Quality in the people who work in the company and for the company, involving them in the knowledge and application of the Internal Operating Procedures;
  • Constantly collaborate with the Customer for a complete definition of the contractual requirements;
  • Annually review the quality policy by analysing all the data and records necessary for the evaluation of the quality system;
  • Drive motivation of the Personnel through the implementation of professional growth programs, aimed at every level of the company, and  raise their  awareness on the issue of Quality;
  • Optimize the overall efficiency of the Company through an accurate and continuous management of human and material resources.




Date last revision: 10/06/2021

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